New campaign launched by Barco Uniforms, the premium healthcare apparel industry

Laurel Road, a digital lending platform and brand of KeyBank, and Barco Uniforms have launched their ‘Remember Your Why’ campaign, a new initiative that aims to support and inspire first-year medical students celebrating their White Coat Ceremonies virtually. Barco Uniforms is a leader of design innovation in the premium medical healthcare apparel industry.

As students don their medical white coats for the first time, marking their acceptance into the medical community, the campaign is a reminder and affirmation of why they have chosen to pursue careers in medicine, despite the many challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic.

Healthcare professionals have been challenged in new and more extreme ways through their work on the frontlines or navigating private practice closures. Supporters from around the world and in their local communities have called them healthcare heroes and encouraged them with nightly rounds of applause. Yet, doctors, dentists, and nurses usually don’t enter this profession for praise or status, they do it to help patients, give back and be a force of good in peoples’ lives at their most vulnerable moments. Laurel Road and Barco’s heartening video features seasoned healthcare professionals sharing their ‘why’, as a reminder to new medical professionals that those core motivations endure even through difficult times, according to a press release by Laurel Road.

The campaign also features Grey’s Anatomy by Barco brand lab coats customised by Barco Uniforms and Laurel Road with the message ‘You Bring Hope’ embroidered on the inside, as a point of reflection for healthcare professionals’ to remember their motivations and inspirations each and every day.

Both Laurel Road and Barco have strong ties to the healthcare community and proudly joined forces to support the next generation of medical students in this campaign. Laurel Road has worked directly with healthcare professionals since the company began originating loans in 2013 and has designed several specific products and programmes based on a deep understanding of their unique financial needs. Since 1929, Barco has been committed to lifting human spirits through design innovation and redefining the power of professional apparel for healthcare and other service sectors. The company’s Made to Matter Campaign was created to highlight the company’s core belief that people in the healthcare and service industries are multidimensional diverse humans with their own experiences of risk, vulnerability and struggle.

“Like much of our world, medical school looks very different than it did this time last year, and this is coupled with the investment required for medical school being at an all-time high. Yet the next generation of healthcare professionals will be the ones to lead us through the wake of this pandemic and safeguard our communities for the future. Despite the challenges, we hope medical students and healthcare professionals know they are needed and valued now more than ever,” Alyssa Schaefer, chief marketing officer and head of product strategy at Laurel Road said.

“This year’s graduating class of healthcare professionals crosses the White Coat milestone to head directly into the front lines of the pandemic and beyond, and we are honoured by their dedication and the opportunity to serve them by providing premium scrubs and lab coats. Barco’s commitment to healthcare professionals has been woven into the DNA of our company for over 90 years and we hope will empower and inspire those who wear our apparel. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Laurel Road to show our appreciation,” Peggy Schulz, vice president of corporate marketing said.


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